How To Become A Photographer

Read on for 6 detailed steps and all the information you need to become a professional photographer. First, let me tell you, you are already a photographer or you wouldn’t have found this site.

If you have gone looking for this site and want to know How to Become a Photographer then this because you have two passions in life. First, you love taking photos. You probably carry your camera everywhere with you, or at least a camera built in to your mobile phone, just waiting for a chance to snap a candid shot that tells a little story. That’s the art of photography and, if you’re reading this, you have a passion for that art. You are a Photographer now!.

But I assume, in looking for this site, then you really want to know how to Become a Professional Photographer? We all need to earn money – you want it! Don‟t worry, you’re not being judged. It‟s good to be motivated by money. It’s what makes the world go round? Money may not bring happiness, but it sure makes life a whole lot easier to get through. And anyone knows that the best way to make money is to take what you love and turn it into a business. Well, congratulations. You have taken the first step towards making money doing what you love: Taking digital photos. We will clearly spell out the 6 steps you will need to learn How to Become a Photographer, a professional Photographer. It can be done. People do it for a living now. It can be done!

How To Become A Photographer

How to become a Photographer -Step 1 - Focus

Step 2: Training

Thanks to this wonderful resource called the internet there is a load of training available for anyone wondering How to Become a Photographer, some free, some paid.

I can recommend several sites to you to follow – make sure you like them on facebook or subscribe to their feeds so that you stay on top of all of the information they are going to provide you.

Sites include – which is excellent and the great site READ MORE

How to Become a Photographer - Step 3 - Equipment

Step 4: Practise Practise Practise

So.. we are clearly spelling out to you How to Become a Photographer .. now the work begins.

Much like my friend the drummer here.. to make a career out of anything relating to an Art takes practise! The more practise. The more practise!


Taking great photos requires a complete focus on your composition. Be it for a wedding, a fashion shoot, a glamour shot or whatever, you need to compose your shots, pose your subject and ensure a creative outcome. READ MORE

Step 6: Make Money

OK.. We have shown you here just How to be a Photographer .. but just how can you make money as a Photographer?

You may be surprised to learn that there are many ways that your photographic work can generate you an income.

We will list a few of them here. READ MORE

Step 1: Focus

The first step in learning How to Become a Photographer is to decide whether you are willing to do what is required. It will take dedication, a lot of work, focus focus focus, some investment and loads of practise. You will need to make sacrifices. Time and Money will be needed. You will need to properly learn the art of photography. You will be at a certain point now – to really adopt Photography as your profession, you will need to elevate your skills to a whole new level and this will take practise. You will also need to consider what type of market within photography you intend to pursue. Wedding Photography is very lucrative, Fashion Photography would take a real effort to break in to. Boudour Photography is a growing area and even Family Photography can put bread on the table. READ MORE

How to Become a Photographer - Step 2 - Great Training

Step 3: Equipment

So, if you really want to learn How to Become a Photographer you are going to need a decent camera.

Head down to your local Mega store and Bam! Every camera ever created and known to man (at just about every price level) assaults you. If you are lucky enough to have someone from the store offer to help you, they probably look like they haven’t even graduated junior high and it’s doubtful they have much photographic experience.

Take a deep breath, and let me guide you through some of the different types of cameras and the different levels of associated cost. In the end, you should be a more informed consumer and you can impress the sales clerks with your fundamental knowledge. READ MORE

How to Become a Photographer - Step 4 : Practise

Step 5: Marketing & Promotion

You have a clear plan about what sort of photographer you plan to become. You have just the right gear, you have invested in training to ensure you know exactly what you are doing, you have spent thousands of hours in practise and exposed yourself to professional photographers as much as possible.

What next? In order to put your shingle up and begin making a living as a photographer you need to market yourself and promote your services.

How best to do this? READ MORE

How to Become a Photographer - Step 6 - Make Money